Tableware inspired by eggs. As a kid I was always very interested in bird eggs. I thought it was so special that birds making nests and lay eggs. So diffrent from humans. This was the inspiration for my graduation work. To mimic bird eggs in ceramics. My starting point was the differences between eggs. Size, shape and appearance. The Births collection consists of the Mavis, the Ringdove and the Buzzard.

The Netherlands

A collaboration with Cor Unum. As an assignment for my study I made The Netherlands tableware. I simplified the shapes of the provinces from The Netherlands to the nice, soft and friendly shapes they are now. With these plates I try to give professional chefs and home cooks the challenge to play with the shape of their dishes and inspire them to cook a dish from the region of the plate. Bon Appetit!


Heavy is a dress I made together with my classmate and good friend Yvonne-Maria Aukema. It's made out of a lot of hexagons of earthenware that are connected together by thin elastic bands. Beacause all these pieces together are very heavy and Yvonne-Maria and I are using this word a lot we decided to call the dress like that. In 2014 this dress was shown at Pulchri in The Hague and in 2015 it was chosen in the top 10 "Ivory Icons" at Masterly in Amsterdam.

10 Danceparts

These urns/vases are created from an urn that I made for the legendary Pina Bausch. She was a German dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director of the Tanztheater Wuppertal. She has inspired me the last years of my dance life in every area of dance. Whether it's her way of thinking, the choice of music or feeling. After seeing Pina 3D I was instantly hooked. Pina is deceased now, but what she has done for the danceworld is still alive.

At least for me, but also for many other dance enthusiasts. These 10 urns I called danceparts are created from two shapes that connect together.


One of these forms I used for a personal urn for my own nephew Pjotr. He died in 2013. To make this urn was really hard but also very beautiful to do for my family.


These minimal shapes for your ears are made of porcelain. I love earrings and so do my girlfriends. I started making them as little gifts and they turned out very popular. They come in difefrent shapes like triangles, drops and big organic shapes. Availlable in diffrent colours.


These lovely little birds are perfect as small decorations for your home. Ofcourse they are also real eyecatchers in your christmass tree! I make them in all kinds of colours and they al have a dipped glaze tail.